A Quick Time Out for… Marketing!

So, I’m taking a moment to let you know that I’ve started a new “project.” I’ve decided to try selling AVON- I’ve been in need of some extra money lately, and since I work full-time I obviously would MUCH prefer to not have a second job. So, I decided to try to become a rep… it seems like something I can do, since I work at a facility with ALL women! Hehe and I have so many connections… I’m sure that I can make some money from this, I just need some help! I haven’t gotten my initial start-up package, but when I do, I’ll be bringing it with me everywhere… hopefully between this and Facebook, I can get some revenue from this media as well!

And now, back to my subject matter- Cooper! I took him to the vet tonight for a follow-up on his fur mites shots, and he did so well! He’s up and moving now without the sedative/painkiller medications, and he’s been using his back leg so well! He’s used it a few times to scratch behind his ear, and he’s hoping around a bit more almost every day 🙂 it’s amazing that his leg is healing as well as it is, and it makes me so happy…


Well hello there…

I’ve always loved writing things down… helps me remember them, helps me think back on how they could’ve been better… helps me with lots of things! I enjoy writing, and I enjoy fun projects- writing ABOUT fun projects is the best of both worlds 🙂

My name is Amber… I’m a… well, I’m not really anything, I suppose, other than a 21 year old woman making her way in the world. I’m currently living in my first apartment with my boyfriend of over a year, I work full time as a teacher at a daycare center with 2 year olds, I have a dog and a bunny. I’m a Pinterest fanatic, although I don’t always follow through with the money-saving projects I find on there (I try to, though!!) and I really enjoy a good book, a great movie… a good thunderstorm! I enjoy being me (and this is starting to sound like a very cheese-y description of me, so I’ll stop there!).

Marshmallow is my 2 year old Pomeranian, American Eskimo mix ‘puppy’ 🙂 He’s a great dog who certainly enjoys being spoiled! I got him when he was a tiny 3 pound puppy at 8 weeks old, and now he’s all grown up at a ‘whopping’ (did I spell that right?) 16 pounds!


Cooper is my rescue bunny! I picked him up from the Humane League about a month ago, and I’ve loved him ever since 🙂 He’s very spirited and enjoys nipping at me to make sure I know he’s annoyed or that he isn’t getting enough attention! He has a big cage that I built myself that is under renovations at the moment- I’ll put pictures up of the new cage when I finish it 🙂


Hopefully I’ll get the couple projects I’ve done in the last few months up on here as posts soon- don’t hold it against me if it takes awhile!