A Brand New Bunny Home! :)

I’m so excited! I’ve been looking on craigslist (for-EVER) for some sort of armoire or dresser that I could repurpose as a cage for Cooper! I like the wire cube storage cage that I so painstakingly figured out how to get together the best way, for sure. But since he’s been in the living room with us (because of his broken leg), I really wanted to find something more presentable for him! We are also in SERIOUS need of some storage, especially in the living room where everything get’s thrown and tossed around.

Two nights ago I finally found something and it was better than I could’ve ever hoped for- FREE! It’s an armoire, like the kind with the doors that hide the TV and the cabinet underneath it… it’s very solid oak, and it’ll be great addition to our living room furniture! Here are some pictures… I can’t wait to update as I work on it! šŸ™‚

bunhomeThat’s his current cage inside the armoire at the moment… I’m going to build the armoire INTO a cage at some point, and then I’ll put up more pictures šŸ™‚


bunhomedetailThe details on the armoire are actually very cool! I got so lucky šŸ™‚


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