A Quick Time Out for… Marketing!

So, I’m taking a moment to let you know that I’ve started a new “project.” I’ve decided to try selling AVON- I’ve been in need of some extra money lately, and since I work full-time I obviously would MUCH prefer to not have a second job. So, I decided to try to become a rep… it seems like something I can do, since I work at a facility with ALL women! Hehe and I have so many connections… I’m sure that I can make some money from this, I just need some help! I haven’t gotten my initial start-up package, but when I do, I’ll be bringing it with me everywhere… hopefully between this and Facebook, I can get some revenue from this media as well!

And now, back to my subject matter- Cooper! I took him to the vet tonight for a follow-up on his fur mites shots, and he did so well! He’s up and moving now without the sedative/painkiller medications, and he’s been using his back leg so well! He’s used it a few times to scratch behind his ear, and he’s hoping around a bit more almost every day 🙂 it’s amazing that his leg is healing as well as it is, and it makes me so happy…


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