Friday night :)

Everybody’s chilled out… it’s FINALLY the weekend… and I decided I want a drink! When I went to Mexico, I got HOOKED on margaritas. They were free at the resort we stayed in, so naturally… well, you know 🙂 BUTTTTT… they’re like a thousand calories a serving! (not really- if you keep reading my blog, you’ll see that I tend to exaggerate a bit) So, I decided to try a skinny margarita for my first homemade batch. And it’s great!! Not crushed, I’m drinking it over ice at the moment, but next I’m going to try a frozen one- I’m excited that it’s this easy to mix one up! And now that I know what’s in it, I can experiment and figure out what combination I like best.

I found the skinny margarita recipes from a blog called Family Fresh Meals- Corey is the blogger, and she’s great! The margaritas are amazing too… here’s the link, you should try one! (or two or three 😉 )

skinny margarita


By the way… Cooper’s doing well! Just gave him his nightly dose of meds. Is it odd that I don’t even have to hold his head anymore? He perks up when I pull out the syringes and stuff- and he’ll actually let me slip the syringe right into his mouth and eat what I’m feeding him. He’s a cutie 🙂 and apparently a druggie too! (only kidding!)


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