And the waiting game continues…

Cooper’s still in recovery- we go back for a follow up for his fur mites shots on Tuesday, so I’m sure Doctor Shermann will wanna check him out and see how things are healing up. I’m going to try and ask for a copy of his x-rays.

On a different note, here’s a little sales pitch! I’m on Etsy- my shop is called RabbitGoodies… only thing on there right now is a bunny condo 🙂 It’s custom… I made one originally and then decided that I want to try selling them! Have gotten lots of questions and comments on them, and it seems like lots of people are looking on Etsy… think I may finally have a buyer, so I may put up some pictures on here!

ALSO- I am going to be part of an article in the Hempfield Suburban News!! They’re doing an article on Hempfield residents who have Etsy shops 🙂 I’m excited! It will be a great way to advertise for my shop. So please, take a look on Etsy or even just contact me on here/Facebook/any way you know how! Even if you just want to ask questions, I’m open to all contact 🙂


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