Improvement? Seems positive…….

So, things are looking better… Cooper is moving around, acting more like himself. Today I came home to find his hay strewn all over his cage. He pulled it all out so that he could get to the pellets, which I always put into his food bowl first. That used to be a large pet peeve of mine… now I’m just glad to see he’s DOING it! And Rob has finally worked up the muster to try giving Cooper his meds- I think it makes him nervous, BUT Cooper needs the meds three times a day, which means that either Rob has to give him the lunch time dose, or I have to drive home from work to give it to him. I’ve been giving the all the meds to him, but it’s costing me a lot in gas! So Rob’s going to give him the lunch dose tomorrow… we’ll see how that goes 🙂

I said that I would put up the projects that I’ve completed over the last few months on here, since this blog is for my projects and things. One project that I’m really proud of is my coffee table! I used a pallet, filled in the spaces between the slats of the pallet with a smooth, even wood. I sanded the whole thing down with a belt sander to get rid of some of the prickly parts. I put some nice sturdy legs on the bottom and made some cross supports between the legs and then gave it a great, dark brown stain that really brought out all the character in the pallet, and I put a coat of polyurethane over the stained wood. It’s awesome looking and it’s a nice, large surface for the living room 🙂

coffeetableThis is the coffee table in our living room.

Here’s a close-up of the awesome contrast on the top of the table. The wood on the left,
which is slightly darker and more brown, is the pallet. The small strip of wood that
looks more red in hue is the MDF board that I cut to size and used as a filler, to make the
table a flat surface without any holes or large gaps!

Here’s one more photo of the leg and the cross supports that connect each leg.


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