And disaster strikes!

So, it appears that I am more careless than I thought I would be with small animals 😦

Cooper has broken his back left leg… he broke his femur, right above the knee, which is probably the worst part of any leg for him to break because it moves so much! I brought him to the vet, got x-rays done and everything, and now he’s on cage rest with tons of pain meds! The crazy part is that I’m giving him pain medications every day from a syringe THREE TIMES A DAY for like a month! He’s totally chill about it, surprisingly- he let me grab his cheeks and pull them back tonight so that I could get the meds into his mouth. The morphine (which is for severe pain) is the one I’m giving him three times a day, and it’s actually supposed to go UNDER his tongue. Have you ever heard of that? Apparently, the glands in his mouth absorb it and use it quicker than if he swallows it and digests it in his stomach first. It’s all a lot easier than I thought it would be…

cooper's new setupCooper’s new setup! So we can keep a better eye on him… right in the living room 🙂

0723132145ALLLLLL his medications… makes him look like a druggie! All those syringes hehehe

We’re going back to the vet in two weeks for a check up, so hopefully things will look better by then! I’ll keep you updated 🙂


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