A Brand New Bunny Home! :)

I’m so excited! I’ve been looking on craigslist (for-EVER) for some sort of armoire or dresser that I could repurpose as a cage for Cooper! I like the wire cube storage cage that I so painstakingly figured out how to get together the best way, for sure. But since he’s been in the living room with us (because of his broken leg), I really wanted to find something more presentable for him! We are also in SERIOUS need of some storage, especially in the living room where everything get’s thrown and tossed around.

Two nights ago I finally found something and it was better than I could’ve ever hoped for- FREE! It’s an armoire, like the kind with the doors that hide the TV and the cabinet underneath it… it’s very solid oak, and it’ll be great addition to our living room furniture! Here are some pictures… I can’t wait to update as I work on it! 🙂

bunhomeThat’s his current cage inside the armoire at the moment… I’m going to build the armoire INTO a cage at some point, and then I’ll put up more pictures 🙂


bunhomedetailThe details on the armoire are actually very cool! I got so lucky 🙂


Sudsy, Soapy, Clean Fun! :)

So, money-saving is a HUGE deal in this house right now! Money’s tight, and I try to save any way I can. Pinterest is an AWESOME way to save money… there are all kinds of money-saving and even fun ways to spruce up things like cleaning (which is totally no fun on it’s own, but when I’m using homemade stuff it seems… better!) and organizing. I tried a laundry detergent recipe that actually came out really well… I’m using it right now! It works better than I ever imagined, and I honestly can’t wait to make it again 🙂

The recipe came from this website:


I LOVE her blog… she’s got so many awesome stuff on here- I definitely recommend checking it out!

A Quick Time Out for… Marketing!

So, I’m taking a moment to let you know that I’ve started a new “project.” I’ve decided to try selling AVON- I’ve been in need of some extra money lately, and since I work full-time I obviously would MUCH prefer to not have a second job. So, I decided to try to become a rep… it seems like something I can do, since I work at a facility with ALL women! Hehe and I have so many connections… I’m sure that I can make some money from this, I just need some help! I haven’t gotten my initial start-up package, but when I do, I’ll be bringing it with me everywhere… hopefully between this and Facebook, I can get some revenue from this media as well!

And now, back to my subject matter- Cooper! I took him to the vet tonight for a follow-up on his fur mites shots, and he did so well! He’s up and moving now without the sedative/painkiller medications, and he’s been using his back leg so well! He’s used it a few times to scratch behind his ear, and he’s hoping around a bit more almost every day 🙂 it’s amazing that his leg is healing as well as it is, and it makes me so happy…

Friday night :)

Everybody’s chilled out… it’s FINALLY the weekend… and I decided I want a drink! When I went to Mexico, I got HOOKED on margaritas. They were free at the resort we stayed in, so naturally… well, you know 🙂 BUTTTTT… they’re like a thousand calories a serving! (not really- if you keep reading my blog, you’ll see that I tend to exaggerate a bit) So, I decided to try a skinny margarita for my first homemade batch. And it’s great!! Not crushed, I’m drinking it over ice at the moment, but next I’m going to try a frozen one- I’m excited that it’s this easy to mix one up! And now that I know what’s in it, I can experiment and figure out what combination I like best.

I found the skinny margarita recipes from a blog called Family Fresh Meals- Corey is the blogger, and she’s great! The margaritas are amazing too… here’s the link, you should try one! (or two or three 😉 )


skinny margarita


By the way… Cooper’s doing well! Just gave him his nightly dose of meds. Is it odd that I don’t even have to hold his head anymore? He perks up when I pull out the syringes and stuff- and he’ll actually let me slip the syringe right into his mouth and eat what I’m feeding him. He’s a cutie 🙂 and apparently a druggie too! (only kidding!)

And the waiting game continues…

Cooper’s still in recovery- we go back for a follow up for his fur mites shots on Tuesday, so I’m sure Doctor Shermann will wanna check him out and see how things are healing up. I’m going to try and ask for a copy of his x-rays.

On a different note, here’s a little sales pitch! I’m on Etsy- my shop is called RabbitGoodies… only thing on there right now is a bunny condo 🙂 It’s custom… I made one originally and then decided that I want to try selling them! Have gotten lots of questions and comments on them, and it seems like lots of people are looking on Etsy… think I may finally have a buyer, so I may put up some pictures on here!

ALSO- I am going to be part of an article in the Hempfield Suburban News!! They’re doing an article on Hempfield residents who have Etsy shops 🙂 I’m excited! It will be a great way to advertise for my shop. So please, take a look on Etsy or even just contact me on here/Facebook/any way you know how! Even if you just want to ask questions, I’m open to all contact 🙂

Just another day in the life of the Lazy Bunny ;)


Cooper has really gotten lazy lately! He just sort of sits around, sleeping a TON. I guess medications three times a day will do that to you, huh? He’s doing great though- he even tried using his left (injured) leg to scratch his side! It didn’t work- all he could do was jiggle his leg up and down a bit- but he’s trying! It can’t be hurting him as much if he’s trying to use it. He’s also dumping all his hay out of his food dish to get to the pellets at the bottom, which is something that used to drive me nuts because he’d make a huge mess of the hay! But now, I’m just glad he’s getting back to his old self. It’s nice, to see him back to some of his old habits.



Improvement? Seems positive…….

So, things are looking better… Cooper is moving around, acting more like himself. Today I came home to find his hay strewn all over his cage. He pulled it all out so that he could get to the pellets, which I always put into his food bowl first. That used to be a large pet peeve of mine… now I’m just glad to see he’s DOING it! And Rob has finally worked up the muster to try giving Cooper his meds- I think it makes him nervous, BUT Cooper needs the meds three times a day, which means that either Rob has to give him the lunch time dose, or I have to drive home from work to give it to him. I’ve been giving the all the meds to him, but it’s costing me a lot in gas! So Rob’s going to give him the lunch dose tomorrow… we’ll see how that goes 🙂

I said that I would put up the projects that I’ve completed over the last few months on here, since this blog is for my projects and things. One project that I’m really proud of is my coffee table! I used a pallet, filled in the spaces between the slats of the pallet with a smooth, even wood. I sanded the whole thing down with a belt sander to get rid of some of the prickly parts. I put some nice sturdy legs on the bottom and made some cross supports between the legs and then gave it a great, dark brown stain that really brought out all the character in the pallet, and I put a coat of polyurethane over the stained wood. It’s awesome looking and it’s a nice, large surface for the living room 🙂

coffeetableThis is the coffee table in our living room.

Here’s a close-up of the awesome contrast on the top of the table. The wood on the left,
which is slightly darker and more brown, is the pallet. The small strip of wood that
looks more red in hue is the MDF board that I cut to size and used as a filler, to make the
table a flat surface without any holes or large gaps!

Here’s one more photo of the leg and the cross supports that connect each leg.